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With a creative vision and boundless passion, actor and filmmaker Adam Goldberg has become one of the industry's most promising talents in front of and behind the camera. His flourishing career includes a breakout performance in the independent classic "Dazed and Confused," roles in numerous studio and independent features, and his own directorial debut "Scotch and Milk."

A jazz aficionado, Goldberg spends his rare free time listening to favorites like John Coltrane, Bill Evans and Charles Mingus, or playing his guitar. When he's not racing to the editing room or on a film set, he'll go see a movie or a band, play his guitar or "just stare at the wall like everyone else."

[excerpts from IMDB biography for Adam]

Selective Filmography


Dazed and Confused (1993) .... Mike Newhouse
Scotch and Milk (1998) .... Jim
Saving Private Ryan (1998) .... Private Mellish
A Beautiful Mind (2001) .... Sol
The Hebrew Hammer (2003) .... Mordechai Jefferson Carver


Scotch and Milk (1998)
Running with the Bulls (2003) (TV)
I Love Your Work (2003)

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